JKjkOnTheRun is the tech blog by James Kendrick

James is available for freelance commissions in his specialty of mobile tech. His work has appeared in various print publications, e. g. Laptop Magazine, and online publications such as the New York Times and CNN/Fortune.


James Kendrick has been using mobile devices since they weighed 30 pounds, and has been sharing his insights on mobile technology for almost that long. James was the Founding Editor of jkOnTheRun, a CNET Top 100 Tech Blog that was acquired by GigaOM in 2008.

As part of the acquisition James was hired by GigaOM to continue writing about mobile tech, and the jkOnTheRun blog was absorbed into the GigaOM site and soon disappeared.

After several years James moved over to ZDNet, a CBS Interactive tech site. He still writes for them, going on five years.

James obtained the jkOnTheRun domain and IP from the company that bought GigaOM after the latter went out of business. He relaunched jkOnTheRun for fun as his personal mobile tech blog.

You can reach James via email:

jkendrick AT gmail DOT com