Tangled cables driving you batty? Time to get Quirky

If you’re like me you have charging cables all over the place. They have a tendency to get all tangled and worse, fall off the table when you unplug your device.

What you need is a simple, cheap cable organizer. Enter the Quirky or generic equivalent. This little gadget keeps cables from tangling and prevents them from falling to the floor.

It’s a base with four (some are larger) troughs to slide cables into, keeping them organized. The knobs on the top of the troughs keep the cables on the table no matter what.

The base of the device is weighted to keep it in place on a desk or table. It’s a simple accessory designed to do one thing and do it well. That’s the mark of a good one and one that has served me well for years.

The generic model I use is $10.19 on Amazon.

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