5 must-have accessories for iPhone, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch

Good accessories can make the biggest difference in turning the newest Apple gadgets up a notch. The accessories listed here have proven themselves time after time to be good options.

Malone iPhone Silicon case

iPhone cases can be found everywhere, in differing styles that meet everyone’s needs. I prefer a minimalist style that keeps the thin iPhone as small as possible.

The Malone case fits my needs perfectly and the silicone construction offers several benefits over other styles. It features bumpers over the corners of the iPhone that work with the silicone to provide protection from drops. There are cutouts over phone controls and one where the iPhone camera is located.

While thin, the iPhone 8 Plus’s camera bump is erased, allowing the phone to rest flat on any surface. The silicone also provides a firm fit in the hand.

The clear case allows the attractive iPhone to be seen all the time. It’s easy to put the case on the iPhone as well as remove it if necessary. It’s thin enough to use the iPhone with a wireless charging pad.

I’m using the case with my iPhone 8 Plus which will also fit the iPhone 7 Plus. The Malone is also available in a smaller size for the iPhone 7 / 8.

The Malone case is only $7.99 on Amazon.

Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad for iPhone

Apple is late to the wireless charging party but having used the technology I knew I’d like it. It’s more a convenience thing than a must-have but once you try it you probably won’t want to stop.

Apple is selling the charging pad from Belkin and that’s the one I bought. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in, and that’s it.

The disk shape of the Belkin pad means the iPhone will charge no matter how you set it on the disk. The nice part is how the wireless charging takes place through thin iPhone cases, such as my silicon case. Just drop the phone and forget about it.

Apple sells the Belkin Boost Up for $59.99

Apple Smart Keyboard

This is very short since there are reviews all over the web. If you have an iPad Pro 10.5 and you need a physical keyboard, don’t waste any time. Get the Smart Keyboard from Apple. Especially if you’re a fast touch typist.

After you quit complaining about the price, you’ll thank me.

it’s $159 from the folks in Cupertino.

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable charger

It’s useful to keep your gadgets running for those periods when you’re off the grid, and a portable power bank is the best way to keep phones and other gadgets running as long as possible. This rechargeable battery pack from Anker will keep your iPhone charged for over a week, even with heavy use.

The batteries inside the Anker are rated 26800 mAh and supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. The iPhone doesn’t support Quick Charge yet, but Apple has promised that with a software update later.

The Anker has a microUSB port for the included cable that is used with the wall charger to charge its internal batteries. The port on the Anker does support Quick Charge, so the high capacity Anker can be recharged as quickly as possible.

There are three USB ports on the power bank, one that works with the iPhone or other low amperage devices. The other two USB ports can be used with devices such as iPads that need a higher amperage charger. One of those two USB ports supports Quick Charge for those devices that support that feature.

There is a big button that lights up a ring of LEDs when pressed, indicating the current charge of the Anker. These lights also indicate when the power bank is being recharged as well as the current recharge level.

The Anker PowerCore is available on Amazon for $82.99.

iXCC Apple Watch Charging Stand

The best accessories are often simple and do one thing really well. The iXCC is such a gadget. All it does is turn the Apple Watch charging cable into a stand which makes it easier to use.

Simply run that charging cable down the trough on the stand and pop the charging disk into the circle and you’re ready to go.

The iXCC charging stand is $6.99 on Amazon.

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