Get cheap cable with Apple TV — no contract required

Cable TV with the major providers is expensive and often requires the lock-in of a long contract. Those are two main reasons that spur the cord cutting movement. What some folks may not realize is that full cable can be had cheaply, and it just requires an Apple TV.

DirecTV has an iOS app that offers over 50 cable channels starting at only $35 monthly. It’s designed to provide cable TV on the iPhone and iPad. I’ve been using it for months to watch TV on my iPad, not having a “real” TV.

Recently I got a cheap TV and figured I could stream the cable TV from the iPad to the TV. Investigating this I soon discovered that DirecTV has an app for Apple TV, even older versions.

I bought an older Apple TV for cheap, hooked it up to the TV, and downloaded the free DirecTVNow app. That was all it took since I was already using the DirecTV service on the iPad, but it would only have taken a visit to to get started immediately otherwise.

The video is as good as regular cable TV, and there’s a program guide plus Siri search is supported using the Apple TV remote.

I get 50+ channels from DirecTV for $35 and can cancel anytime I want. To think I was paying almost $200 for roughly the same service for years in Houston makes me mad.

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  • October 4, 2017 at 8:04 am

    I also use DirectvNow and I have att wireless plus plan. This gives me $25 off DirectvNow and free HBO. So I am paying just $5 per month for DirectvNow and HBO. Like you I wish I hadn’t paid almost $200 for similar service over the last ten years or so.


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