Review: Logi Base Charging Stand for iPad Pro

The Lightning connector on the iPad Pro can be hard to use as the charging jack is so tiny. This is not a problem when using a dock, especially the Logi Base dock.


This dock uses the smart connector on the iPad Pro to full advantage. Simply put the tablet near the slot on the base of the dock and powerful magnets grab hold and help guide the iPad Pro onto the connector.

That’s it, your tablet is then charging using the smart connector.

The stand also serves as a convenient dock for the iPad Pro, and holds it at an angle good for viewing the screen. As someone who watches TV on the iPad I find the dock to be perfect.

The metal dock is adequately weighted for stability, and the rubberish bottom keeps it from sliding around on the desk. Removing the tablet from the dock is accomplished by tilting the iPad forward and lifting up.

The Logi Base Charging Stand is $99.95 from Apple.

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