Review: Belkin Valet Charge Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch

The more gadgets you have the greater number of cables you also have. These become a tangled mess and take up far too much room so when you can cut down on them the better.

Owners of both an iPhone and an Apple Watch can eliminate one charging cable with the Belkin Valet Charge Dock, which charges them both at the same time.

Made of attractive aluminum, the dock is simple in design. It consists of a base and a crossbar assembly w9th a round disk at the end. This disk contains a magnetic disk for the Apple Watch. In front of the crossbar is a Lightning connector for the iPhone.

On the rear of the base unit is a dial for raising and lowering the Lightning connector. This allows charging the iPhone in most cases without removing the case. There is also a jack for the dock charger, which is proprietary.

The dock from Belkin charges both the iPhone and the Apple Watch quickly and easily. You can charge one device or both as is appropriate at the given time.

You can find the Belkin Valet Dock on for $129.95.

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