How is JK today?

Well, as my health slowly improves the same can’t be said about my financial future. Social security has denied my application for long-term disability. I’m told that’s usually the case and you must hire an attorney whose practice specializes in the appeal process. It often takes a couple of years to get it overturned.

Fortunately, early next year I can go on early retirement with Social Security. I’ll only draw 70% of my entitlement than if I wait 4 more years but going early retirement will at lease allow me to have some level of control over my future.

This means I have to hang on for months until it kicks in. This is where you can make a difference. Your contribution will enable me to reach retirement. Medicaid and S. Dakota social services are dragging their feet deciding what to do with me. With no income I’m stranded in this nursing home wondering what will happen to me.

Whatever you can spare to help me will be greatly appreciated. You have no idea what it’s like not knowing what the future holds.

I’m only kind of getting used to wearing this life vest 24/7. I must wear it under my clothes with the 3-pound monitor around my neck. It’s amazing technology, constantly looking for signs of a heart attack. When it detects one and I am unconscious it shocks my heart just like those defibrillators on TV. It can shock me back to life even in the middle of the night when no one would be aware of my situation. It’s scary and comforting at the same time.

If I you can contribute and help make my situation bearable, please do. Sharing this update will help too. I am at the mercy of your kindness

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