Death of the laptop by Apple

Apple — I’m breaking up with the laptop. It’s not you, it’s… wait a minute. It is you. Apple you’ve made the laptop unnecessary through advances in the iPad.

I love shiny gadgets as much as anyone, but every time I see your laptop offerings I feel nothing. No longing, just a vast emptiness. I try to come up with something I can only do with a MacBook and realize that there isn’t anything.

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By continuing to make iOS and the iPad more capable, Apple has shot itself in the foot. While the MacBook line is better than ever, the same is true of the iPad I use the tablet for everything, there is nothing I need that it cannot do.

I use the iPad Pro for everything, from reading books to watching TV. My iPad is on for hours each day, and it does whatever I need. Opening up the MacBook Air doesn’t even enter my mind.

So, Apple, it’s you and not me. You’ve made the iPad into the key part of my day, and the laptop doesn’t factor into it. You’ve killed the MacBook in my eyes, and I thank you.

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