Apple AirPods sounding good

When gifted a pair of Apple’s wireless earbuds I admit I wasn’t expecting to like them. I’ve long preferred models that fit in the ear canal for better audio. The AirPods have surprised me with great audio, even though sitting in the outer ear.

Apple’s design is excellent, from the tiny charging case to the earbuds themselves. The case is sleek, with an iPhone charging port on the bottom and a hinged lid that exposes the AirPods when opened.. These fit in the case by dropping the stems of the buds. The design of the case only allows the buds to fit one way, and magnets hold then in the case securely.

All the writing about them falling out of the ears and getting lost have been unfounded in my experience. The AirPods fit comfortably in the ears and even with constant jostling in my wheelchair they’v never moved around.

These don’t have the best audio by any means, but they are much better than i expected they would be. Bass reproduction is decent for earbuds and treble is quite good.

Apple claims over 24 hours of streaming per single charge of the case. When the AirPods run low just drop them in the case which recharges them. There’s a quick charge that gives the AirPods 3 hours of streaming in just 15 minutes.

You must be careful when handling the case as the slippery surface makes it easy to drop.

Keeping an eye on battery life can be done with the iPhone battery widget. This shows battery life on the AirPods and the case if it’s open. A large dialog box also pops up on the phone showing the same info.

Putting the buds in the ears turns them on and streaming starts immediately. Taking one out of the ear pauses audio.

The microphones have worked well in my testing, and phone calls have been clear.

The AirPods are pricey typical for Apple products but the design and construction are what you expect for its products. They are $159 from the Apple Store.

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