Mobile has changed the way we get breaking news

The growth of mobile devices has forever changed how we stay abreast of breaking news. That’s important as there is no lack of such news in today’s wild world.

For decades, keeping up with current events was done largely in two ways. Grabbing the morning newspaper to read in the morning was one way to find out what happened while you were sleeping. This news was several hours old so the second method offered news that was more current than the newspaper.

This involved planning the day around sitting in front of the TV and listening to the famous anchors telling you what was happening.These talking heads were big celebrities since everyone was watching them regularly.

With the big growth of mobile that’s no longer the case. Odds are you don’t even know who those anchors are, you use your mobile device to stay informed.

Keeping up with the news that matters most to you is a simple process. On your phone or other mobile device, go in each app you prefer for news and configure notifications and email alerts with your preferred information.

Soon your phone or tablet wil be pushing breaking news to your screen. Stop and read it or check it later, it’s up to you.

To realize the big change in receiving breaking news, look no further than this example. For decades, when asked where you were when you heard JFK was assassinated, odds are you recall exactly (I was in Ms. Woods 2nd grade class).

On the other hand, when asked where I was when I learned of Michael Jackson’s death, my response is much different. I was on Twitter when I learned about it.

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