Best mobile writing system

I write a lot and to do that remotely it requires a writing system that is capable while being highly portable. The system I use meets all the criteria and is the best I’ve ever used.

The kit is simple: an iPad Pro (9.7 “) in a ZAGG Slim Book keyboard case, an iPhone 6 Plus, and an Apple Watch. This fits in a small gear bag that comes with me everywhere, ready to work at a moment’s notice.

I pull the iPad out of the bag and am writing in under a minute. I am so productive with this kit it sometimes surprises me when I think about it. Using a keyboard case with the iPad Pro is a full laptop replacement.

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A major part of this kit is software, namely Evernote. I do all writing in Evernote to keep my writing projects safe. Over time I have learned to never write directly in content management systems (CMS} as I’ve seen them eat work too many times. Writing in Evernote avoids this, moving the content to the CMS at publication time.

What makes the Slim Book effective for me is the ability to use the iPad without the keyboard. Half of my working time is doing research on the iPad, which detaches from the keyboard for that purpose. This keeps the tablet as thin and light as can be.

This is the kit that works so well for me. I take only what I need and nothing more. The small gear bag is years old but comes with me everywhere now that I’m in a wheelchair.


Grab and go is my motto.

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