Apple Pencil: Whatever happened with that thing?

When the Apple Pencil was introduced I confess I was excitedly waiting for my own to arrive. It was nothing like Apple had done before and had some new tech thrown in such as the ability to quickly charge by plugging it into an iPad Pro.

The excitement quickly turned to frustration once I got my hand on my unit. I expect what I was feeling is the disappointment a kid might feel when they open up the new box of fancy colored pencils and discovered that one with a color they hate.

It didn’t take long to see that Apple only put some of the Pencil’s features into iOS. The decision to leave it up to app developers to fully implement the Apple Pencil is one that would come to haunt me.

I found that each developer integrated the Pencil in a way that was often very different from others. This forced me to test far too many apps, hoping I would find one I could live with. The more I tested, I realized that what I really wanted was to continue the work flow I was already productive using prior to getting the
Apple Pencil.

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I wanted my apps and iOS to use them with either the keyboard, touch screen, or Pencil. Whatever I had at hand I wanted to use that without changing my work flow.

When I realized I’d never be able to do that the Apple Pencil lost its luster. I set it aside and haven’t used it since. I suspect a lot of folks came to that conclusion. When is the last time you heard Apple even mention the Pencil?

Come to think of it, where is my Apple Pencil?

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