Intrepid by WaterField Designs: Travel with peace of mind

img_0100WaterField Designs has been making cases for over a decade, and the Intrepid is the most unusual to date. A clutch style wallet case for the iPhone 6 and 7 models, it incorporates two technologies designed for the traveler.

Crafted of premium leather, the Intrepid is not much bigger than the biggest iPhone. It features a zipper that spans two sides of the wallet allowing easy access to the gear inside.


It allows carrying all of the gear that is usually stuffed in a traveler’s pockets. Having this in the Intrepid makes clearing airport security as simple as tossing the wallet into a bin for scanning.


Inside the wallet there are three pockets, two on one side sized for credit cards and ID cards and a larger one on the other side for cash and passports. The main compartment will fit smaller items.

The two technologies used in the Intrepid make traveling safe and easy.The wallet features lining that blocks RFID signals. A thief walking around with a hidden scanner looking for IDs and credit card information will never see anything in the Intrepid.

The other technology designed into the Intrepid is very cool. The iPhone 6 or 7 slides into the Intrepid with the screen visible on one side of the wallet.


This clear window has qualities that mimic the human finger, so the iPhone can be operated without removing it from the wallet. You can tap and swipe has you normally do while keeping the phone safely protected in the Intrepid.

The Intrepid is available from for $99. There is an optional loop for the hand for those who prefer one.

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