The day the apps died

img_1956Apps. We all use them, some of us a lot. All those folks you see everywhere tapping on their phones, chances are they are in one app or another. Unfortunately, we’ve become so dependent on them that when the apps are not available it can have unexpected consequences.

This happened to me recently and it wasn’t pleasant. A week-long stay in a hospital resulted in the batteries of all my gadgets dying. Despite judicious use I was dead in the water far too soon.

First the Apple Watch died ending my seeing email summaries. Then went the iPhone battery ending communications including email, calls, and texts. When the iPad died later, it cut me off completely from  my connection to the outside world.

This had the biggest impact on losing the ability to use the apps I depend on. It surprised me, but losing the apps had a big effect on me. I couldn’t even fall back on web portals since those were dead too.

No apps. Think about that for a moment. You may not think that’s a big deal. I sure didn’t until confronted with the reality that they were gone.

That’s the problem with apps, they depend on an attached phone to be around. Take the phone away and apps are just dead bits.

This affected me all around. I’d go to do something only to realize I couldn’t. It became critical when I went to leave the hospital to return home.

That’s when the lack of the Uber app or access to the web site hit me hard. Like many I’ve become totally dependent on it to get around. Getting transportation from the hospital was a big chore and took a long time.

Yep, I’ve become dependent on the apps and my phone for getting things done. Which wouldn’t have happened until the day the apps died.

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