A little known Apple Watch trick could save your life

Your watch has your back.



In an emergency rapidly getting help is paramount. The Apple Watch can be used to summon emergency personnel as long as you have two hands to operate the watch..

In an emergency this is not always possible, but a little known trick can do it. When the watch face is displayed, which can be done by simply raising the wrist, it turns out the Apple Watch is always listening for commands. In an emergency this is all you need to summon help.

Lift your wrist and with the watch face displayed say “hey Siri”. When you see the indication that Siri is waiting for a command speak it as normal. This could be “call 911” if needed, or a contact in the address book. Fact is you can ask Siri for anything you need, all hands-free.

This is a feature everyone should know. You never know when it might save your life.

This works on the shiny new Apple Watch just announced, and even on your dingy first generation device.


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