Work anywhere with the right gear

Most days you can find me in some public venue working. Such work is as preductive as it is in my home office, thanks to good mobile gear.


Almost every day I head out to the urban streets wnd work in many coffee shops, restaurants, and other places. I only carry a small gear bag due its maximum portability.

That’s possible given the gear I use that is just as functional as my full kit kit back in the office.

The workhorse is the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. I can do everything I need to do and that’s why it’s a superb writing system.

As a freelancer keeping in touch no matter where I am is crucial, and the iPhone 6 Plus lets me do that. I use it with earbuds so I can carry on phone conversations no matter how loud it is wherever I am working.

I also use an Apple Watch for this. It’s so handy to lift up my wrist and see who has emailed or texted me. This prevents me from always reaching for the iPhone when I’m working on tiny tables.

Working with this kit is liberating given the portability of the gear and the lack of compromises it requires. I can take out the iPad Pro and be working in less than a minute. I don’t worry about having a hotspot given the iPad’s LTE.

This is the way the mobile lifestyle is mean’t to be.

One thought on “Work anywhere with the right gear

  • August 3, 2016 at 9:10 am

    I would be set up just like you if apple had a watch that was a fitness watch as well that I could wear in the pool


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