Why iPhone owners upgrade the phone regularly: Familiarity

iPhonesOwners of the iPhone tend to upgrade to a new model regularly. While the quality of the hardware is a factor, based on conversations with owners and my own experience, I believe that familiarity with the iPhone plays a big role.

You’ve probably heard that those who regularly buy Apple products do so out of blind devotion. Some actually believe that Apple has brainwashed the millions of iPhone buyers. That’s ridiculous, and there’s a simpler reason that iPhone owners regularly upgrade when a new model is released.

The user experience (UX) with a new iPhone that others tell me they like mirrors my own. Take the new iPhone out of the box, follow the simple setup instructions on the screen and you’re quickly in business just as always.

That’s why familiarity plays a big role. All the features you’ve always used are right where you expect them. The home screen looks the same making it a familiar experience. The apps you use all the time are where you expect them, and operating the phone is the same as before.

This familiarity is satisfying to the new iPhone owner. Apple is careful to make core functions work as they always have, resulting in a comfortable experience for the new phone.

Smartphones have evolved into something we use all the time. They are personal devices by nature, and they must be natural to use to feel comfortable. This makes it critical that the UX be familiar. Getting a new phone and fumbling around, looking for what you want to do with it is jarring, and nobody likes that.

Having an experience on a new iPhone that is familiar is what buyers have come to expect, and Apple doesn’t disappoint them in this regard. Feeling comfortable with the regular functions makes the new features that come with a new iPhone like icing on the cake.

That’s a big reason iPhone owners are so willing to upgrade. New models feel natural as the older one they replaced. It’s kind of like an old friend made better.

That’s not always the case with the competition. Even when upgrading a phone with the same brand, things are often different. Take it out of the box and the home screen might be different in look and function.

Having to find an app that is used all the time is frustrating with a new phone. Like on the iPhone, it should be right where you expect it and it should work the same as always. That’s why iPhone owners are fast to upgrade if they can.

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