Two hour delivery from Apple now available in Houston

Those needing instant gratification when purchasing from Apple online can now get it in Houston, as two hour delivery is now available. The rapid delivery option is now offered by Apple, provided by third-party services such as Postmates.


I discovered this recently while surfing the Apple Store online to see what accessories were available for different products, along with pricing for them. I went through the standard purchase process as I often do with no intention of actually making a purchase.

When I got to the part detailing shipping I noticed an option I hadn’t seen before. In addition to free and expedited shipping options, there was one for two hour delivery. This wasn’t cheap at $19 but the possibility of getting such rapid delivery intrigued me.

I spoke with an Apple rep at my local store and got the details of this option. He told me that the delivery service is provided through a deal Apple made with services such as Postmates. He confirmed that’s who my local Apple Store uses.

When a customer completes an online sale with two hour delivery, it’s handled by the nearest physical store instead of Apple’s online shop. Local store employees handle it like they do online sales made for customer pickup. The product is pulled from inventory and set aside as it is for customer pickup.

The difference is that the delivery service is notified to pick up the product. Once the item has been picked up by the driver the Apple Store app offers tracking of the delivery.

This delivery service is a perfect fit for Apple. Customers who can’t (or won’t) pick up the shiny new bauble from Apple can now have it delivered in two hours or less. This trumps the overnight delivery offered by a lot of online retailers.

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