Sonos and Alexa to work together

As a Sonos owner I was excited to hear that the audio system will eventually work with the Amazon Echo platform. The collaboration will bring voice control to the Sonos system, an ability I’ve always wanted.


Speaking commands to the Echo has become second nature to me, and I expect no less once Sonos is added to the mix. Being able to tell Alexa (the AI inside the Echo) to pause the music when the phone rings, or change to a different artist will be great.

The Amazon Echo is the most used gadget in my home and the Sonos is a close second so this fit is perfect for my situation.

The bad news is that Echo integration won’t happen until next year. Sonos has always taken its time with new features and it seems to be doing that with this. Hopefully it will soon have a beta program to get it going.

One thought on “Sonos and Alexa to work together

  • August 30, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    Sonos works with SmartThings which works with Alexa. If you hook it up that way it’ll work with Alexa.


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