Review: ZAGG Slim Book for iPad Pro 9.7

Pull the iPad to use it without the keyboard.


The case protects both the front and back of the iPad. The iPad is inserted into the lid of the case, which serves as a case for the iPad when it’s removed from the keyboard base.

That’s my favorite function of the Slim Book. The tablet can be lifted out of the magnetic hinge of the case to leave the keyboard behind. To use as a laptop just drop the iPad in the case back into the hinge. The case adds little bulk and weight to the skinny iPad Pro.

imageThe lid is a black carbonate and offers protection for the back of the iPad Pro. It’s nice to know that the expensive tablet won’t get scratched in the gear bag.

The base unit is the same material on the bottom and silver aluminum on the keyboard side. The black chiclet keys are like Mac keys, although slightly smaller.

Typing on the keyboard feels like any laptop. The travel is tactile and spacing is good between keys. Rapid typing is easy to do on this keyboard, and lots of text entry is comfortable.

The keys are backlit and support several colors and intensities. This is a handy feature, although it hits the battery hard. The top row of keys are control keys for the iPad, like Home, Volume Up/Down, and media controls.

The battery level can be checked by hitting the Fn key in addition to the key next to it with a battery symbol. The power button flashes when this is done, with the number of flashes indicating the battery level.

The Slim Book can be used as a laptop when opened. The lid can be pushed back to the exact viewing angle desired, up to 145 degrees.

In addition to laptop mode, tablet mode can be used as previously described. Pulling straight up on the lid removes it for such use and simply putting back when done.

The ZAGG Slim Book has quickly become my favorite keyboard case for the iPad Pro. It’s easy to use, has a good keyboard, and supports using the iPad as the tablet it is.

It is available from ZAGG for $129.99.



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