JK’s daily work gear

My daily system is the best I’ve ever used.


I work out and about almost as much as I do In my home office so the daily mobile system is very important. Having a system that is very portable is the key, along with a gear bag that keeps it all together. My current system is the best I’ve ever used.

Waterfield Designs Outback Solo Case

I bought the Outback Solo when I got the giant iPad Pro. It fits that iPad perfectly although in a keyboard case it was pretty snug. I now use it with the smaller iPad Pro and couldn’t be happier.

The case has a big pocket for essentials, eg keys and wallet, and the phone pocket is perfect to keep the iPhone 6 Plus at hand. Since the case is a couple of inches wider than the iPad Pro in a keyboard case, it’s easy to slide the tablet in and out.

This leaves a little space in the main compartment to house the Apple Pencil in its Waterfield Designs case.

iPad Pro (9.7-inch)

Thin and lightThe workhorse of my daily mobile system is the smallest iPad Pro. I use it in the ZAGG Slim Book Keyboard Case which works beautifully. I can take the combo out of the bag and be writing in less tha a minute.

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I am researching half the time and at those times I don’t need the keyboard. The Slim Book case lets me detach the iPad Pro and use it alone, which is nice.

Apple Pencil

I’m using the Apple Pecil frequently for this research, and it’s mostly productive. I’m still testing note apps that take full advantage of the Pencil, but I haven’t settled on one yet.

imageI take a lot of notes, I have hundreds in Evernote. An app must offer good organization of my notes to be useful, in addition to fully supporting the Apple Pencil. It doesn’t do me any good if an app is easy to handwrite a note if it makes it hard for me to find in the future.

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iPhone 6 Plus

For communication I carry the iPhone 6 Plus. I use it for calls, texts, and email. I will wait for the iPhone 7 release to see if it offers enough to consider upgrading.

The Apple Watch plays a role in communication. It allows me to keep the phone in the gear bag and see who a message is from. I only need to get the iPhone out of the bag if a message is important.

I carry earbuds with me so I can have quiet calls when I need to. It lets me carry on conversations even in active environments.



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