Hands on with the Apple Pencil case by Waterfield Designs

imageWhen I first got the Apple Pencil, getting a case for it seemed extravagant. That changed quickly as I was always having trouble finding it as it was always moving around while loose in my gear bag. The pencil case by WaterField Designs is the perfect solution for this problem.

The pencil case is constructed out of smooth, tan leather and has a soft orange lining that prevents scratching the expensive Apple Pencil. The pencil slides in the narrow case, and the flap protects the pencil. The flap is closed by sliding it into the leather strap designed for this purpose. With the case open, the Apple Pencil sticks up from the case pocket an inch which facilitates removing the pencil for use.

imageOn the back of the pencil case is a wide medal clip. This is handy for attaching to pockets in the gear bag, and keeping it where you can easily get to the pencil. This clip can be removed with a little effort for those wanting to keep the case minimal.

The Apple Pencil case from Waterfield Designs is a functional case that protects the accessory for your iPad Pro. It’s also attractive as is typical for products from the company.

The case is $29 and can be purchased from the Waterfield Designs web site.

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