Apple: The race for thinner laptops is so over

For apropos, how thin is enough? I guess we don’t know.


When laptops were big, bulky devices every OEM was racing to make them thinner. This made sense, as not only as it a way to brag, it was a very visible improvement.

This continued for years and then Apple released the MacBook Air, and the game was pretty much over. The OEMs, both Apple and PC laptop makers, didn’t stop there, although for all intents and purposes they should’ve.

When it was released, Apple made a big deal about how thin the current MacBook is. Apparently that isn’t good enough as word has surfaced that the company is about to refresh the MacBook and make it even thinner than the current model.

How thin is the current MacBook? Barely over a quarter-inch at the front and a half-inch at the hinge.That’s about the size of a slice of bread. Not the thick artisan type that is popular, we’re talking about simple household bread you can find anywhere.

To go even thinner will maybe shed a mm off the already thin MacBook. Rumors have it that will be achieved by making the keyboard with a lower profile.

This is risky as the keyboard is important to some users. It’s also the feature that sets a laptop apart from tablets that lack them, Look around and you’ll see a lot of folks who’ve already made the move away from the laptop.

So making the keyboard worse may not be the smartest step Apple can take just to make the MacBook thinner. After all, aren’t laptops already thin enough?

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