A day at the museum

Museums can be great places to work.


A wonderful advantage of working at home is you don’t always have to do it. You can drop by the local coffee shop, restaurant, or bar for short working sessions. This is nice, but when you feel the need for a change of scenery do what I do and head to the museum.

The larger museums usually have areas set aside for visitors to take a break and these are often great places to get some work done. I recently did this by heading to the Museum of Fine Arts and had a great day. The environment is tailor-made for productive work and it was a great place to work.

I find that such environments are stimulating to the creative juices. I can get a lot done in an hour or two and then take a break wandering through the art exhibits. Seeing the fine artwork sends me back to work feeling completely recharged and refreshed.

It’s not expensive to do this regularly, many museums have an inexpensive annual membership that allows dropping by whenever you want. It’s like a very cheap coworking space with fringe benefits.

Don’t wear out your welcome in these wonderful places. Take as little space as you can to leave plenty of room for other visitors. Be very quiet and respectful of others. Use earbuds to listen to music, make calls, and watch video. If you make phone calls regularly, take it outside. Nobody wants to listen to your half of these calls.

You may be surprised at what you find in your museum. Many have snacks, coffee, even lunch available. In my local museum district the best food trucks in town converge on the area for lunch.

So, if you normally work at home, don’t forget to take advantage of work days like this. If you can get your work done at home, odds are you can be just as productive at the museum. Maybe more so.

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