Apple Watch feature the company should promote

imageThe Apple Watch has become a major part of my daily routine. Leaving the iPhone 6 Plus in the gear bag while walking around town each day is possible with the Apple Watch on my wrist.

Of all the things the watch can do, there is one that is most useful and impressive. That is the Dick Tracy function of taking phone calls. So many times I’ve been walking down the street and a call appears on the Apple Watch. If it’s one I’ve been expecting I just stop and answer it on the watch.

A quick conversation and then I hang up and continue on my way. This happens with the iPhone nowhere in sight.

This is particularly useful when a call comes in that I don’t want to take. I simply reject it on the Apple Watch and send it straight to voice mail. When the voice mail is finished recording it pops up on the watch and I can listen to it on the watch.

In spite of how useful this is Apple is not getting the message out about the capability. I was eating in a local bar today and the young waitress noticed the Apple Watch. She asked all sorts of questions about what it can do and when I explained how I can answer calls and carry on conversations without taking the phone out she got really excited.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! You can answer calls without having the phone out!” When I further explained about rejecting calls and listening to voice mail on the Apple Watch her excitement grew by leaps and bounds.

Apple should be promoting this to the young adult crowd. They are used to having the phone in hand for calls and as the waitress told me this would be the killer app for her to get one. If she could afford it, of course.

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