Windows 10: Bringing the fun back to Windows

imageSince buying the Surface 3 with Windows 10 I’ve been playing with both non-stop. I’ll be reviewing the Surface on ZDNet but thought I’d share a few thoughts on Windows 10. I liked Windows 8.1, especially the fact it was focused on the tablet. Moving Windows 10 back toward the desktop concerned me, but it turns out there’s no need for that.

Perhaps it’s the thrill of discovering new things but I’m finding that Windows 10 is fun. I like how well it automatically switches between tablet and desktop interfaces. I even like the new hybrid Start Menu, that is a cross between the Metro screen of Windows 8.1 and the Start Menu of Windows 7. It’s not perfect but will no doubt evolve over time.

Split screen is nice as ever and it’s easy to drag windows around to suit. Splitting the screen among four apps is cool, but not very practical given the relatively small Surface screen.

I really like the graphical task manager, which is really a running app manager. Whether swiping in from the left bezel or selecting it in the Start Menu, it’s a simple way to move around when several apps are running.

I’m not used to the pen yet, although it is a nice piece of hardware. I’m seeing some strange behavior when I tap on a tile or control on the screen. The control will visibly indicate it’s been tapped with the pen, but often won’t do anything. A second tap will show the same visual effect and execute the desired action.

While Windows 10 is bringing the fun back to Windows for me, the Microsoft Store is trying hard to kill it. When I first run the Store app, it immediately crashes. Run it again and it works fine, every single time.

Unlike Windows 8.1, the new version of Windows did not install my purchased apps as part of the  initial setup process. That’s probably because they don’t show up in the My Library section of the store. I can search for the apps one by one and click on them, which shows I own it and can download and install it from there. Microsoft needs to fix this ASAP as the store is in effect the ecosystem for the platform.

It’s early days yet so I’m not worried about the glitches I run across. I’m having fun with Windows 10, and it’s oool. The Surface 3 is awesome, too. I’m happy with the purchase.

2 thoughts on “Windows 10: Bringing the fun back to Windows

  • August 19, 2015 at 6:49 am

    I tried to like windows 10 but it just keeps failing. It turned my hp stream 7 into a useless paper weight. It seems a little better on my hp stream 8 but i will leave the rest of my tabets on 8.1 as long as i can

  • August 19, 2015 at 6:51 am

    P.S. glad to see jkontherun back


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