Two Windows 10 apps that suck, one that doesn’t

Desktop Start MenuMy deep dive into Windows 10 on the Surface 3 has me trying apps that I need for my work, and some for fun. I figured that developers would have addressed issues affecting their apps in Windows 8.1 to get them ready for Windows 10. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

The app that’s the biggest flop for me in Windows 10 is Evernote Touch. It’s a mess and I’ve stopped using it as a result. The interface sucks on the Surface, and the execution of the app is horrible. Using Evernote Touch is like fingernails on a chalk board, it’s terrible. Shame on Evernote for leaving this app is such a bad condition.

Evernote Touch
Evernote Touch
Facebook app

Another app that is useless is the Facebook app. On the Surface 3 the familiar Facebook screen is so tiny it’s illegible. Apps do no good if they can’t be read, and failing to have a way to change that in the app is unforgivable.

On the flip side, an app I’m really liking in Windows 10 is not really an app at all. TwitDuck is basically a web wrapper for Tweetdeck that is really good. It looks like Tweetdeck and runs like Tweetdeck because it is Tweetdeck. Running in TwitDuck makes it a standalone app which I like.


To be fair, both Evernote and Facebook can be run in the Edge browser, where they run pretty well. I prefer them in standalone apps to not have so many browser  tabs open, and since they’ve taken the trouble to make apps they should make them run properly.

One thought on “Two Windows 10 apps that suck, one that doesn’t

  • August 16, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    Evernote on the Mac is the best UI experience ever. They cater more to Apple.


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