This week in Mobile Tech Manor #4 — new bag, mouse, and dock

mobile-tech-manor-large-22The week is over and it’s time to look back at the gadgets that came and went along with other tech stuff that played a part in Mobile Tech Manor (MTM), aka my home office. This weekly column discusses the things that shaped how the week passed and also gives me a place to share anything of interest I run across.

Gadgets in the door

This week saw the arrival of a few accessories for some of my existing gadgets. I finally broke down and bought an iPhone Dock from Apple. I tried a Twelve South dock shortly after getting the iPhone 6 Plus but constantly had problems with it until it finally broke.

iPhone Dock
Apple iPhone Dock

The iPhone Dock is a simple white plastic block with a rubberized base for stability. It fits the iPhone 6 Plus in most of the cases I own, as the plug slightly extends up from the base. It doesn’t ship with a Lightning cable, which it really should given the price of the dock. It works well and that’s what counts.

Protec Crossbody bag
Protec Zip Sling Bag

I also bought a new gear bag, the Protec Zip Sling Bag. I wrote about it this week so I won’t recount everything here. It’s serving me well, the mark of a good mobile bag. I can’t believe it has such a slim profile, even with the Surface 3, iPad mini 3, iPhone 6 Plus, Jaybird wireless headphones, and other small sundries inside. I consider it a bargain at the $38 I paid for it.

This week I bought something I haven’t purchased in years — a new mouse. The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a highly portable wireless mouse that uses touch scrolling.

MS Arc Touch Mouse
Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

While I am doing well operating the Surface 3 by trackpad, touch screen, and pen, when I do image editing I prefer the precision of a mouse.

I got it late in the week and it’s working fine so far but it’s too early to tell if it’s a keeper or not.

App of the week

The app this week is actually an old one that I’ve used for a decade. SnagIt is a great screen capture app that does so much more.

I use SnagIt on every laptop both Mac and Windows. I finally had time to get it for the Surface 3 and it was like coming home.

I do a lot of image work and SnagIt handles all of it. It has basic image editing functionality and this is all I need. It is fast and easy to use.

The only complaint I have is the $50 price. As much as I like it, this price is pretty steep. I paid it, but I wish it was cheaper.

Stuff I learned

I spent the week using the Surface 3 and discovering all I could about this great device. I found a number of trackpad gestures that have really improved how I use the multi-faceted interface.

I also encountered a weird thing. When I woke it up from sleep one time all Wi-Fi connections were limited, meaning no internet. This included not only public hotspots but both my iPhone and iPad.

I was stuck with no way to get the Surface online, so I did the inevitable, I rebooted it. That did the trick and all connections had the proper internet connection.

I find it hard to believe that after so many years Windows could still have issues like this. Sure you can blame the OEM, or the drivers, or whatever. The point is it’s a failure that should never happen these days.

Wrap up

That’s my week in Mobile Tech Manor, I hope you found at least one thing to take away from my experiences. You’re always welcome so don’t hesitate to drop by.

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