This week in Mobile Tech Manor #3

mobile-tech-manor-large-22The week is over and it’s time to look back at the gadgets that came and went along with other tech stuff that played a part in Mobile Tech Manor (MTM), aka my home office. This weekly column discusses the things that shaped how the week passed and also gives me a place to share anything of interest I ran across.

Big week for gadgets

This was an exciting week as two gadgets I purchased arrived at the Manor. One is an accessory for something else and the other a full system with its own accessories.

Typo Keyboard iPad AirThe Typo Keyboard for the iPad Air and Air 2 arrived and it is a sweet keyboard. I use the iPad Air 2 most days and so far the Typo has been great. Good case, great keyboard, and good looking too. It is expensive at $150 but the recent price drop helped.

The Surface 3 arrived on the same day as the Typo, talk about overstimulation for a tech addict. The Type Cover keyboard and Surface Pen had arrived the day before the Surface 3. I guess Microsoft wanted to taunt me with gadgets arriving before the main event.

Surface 3 side viewI am really loving the Surface 3. The hardware is quite good and since it shipped with Windows 10 I’m getting to play with that too. It’s almost sensory overload getting familiar with the tablet and the OS at the same time.

Those two devices kept me hopping so thankfully they were the only ones in the Manor door. Nothing went out this week.

App of the week

The app that I’ve been spending a lot of time with this week is OneNote on Windows 10. While a heavy OneNote user in the past, I haven’t used it in years as I use Evernote in my daily work. Now that I have the Surface 3 and its pen I’ve been trying OneNote.

It’s cool how double-tapping the top button on the pen (where a pencil eraser would be) instantly snaps a screen image on the Surface 3. It pops right up on a new note page in OneNote.

Wrap up

That’s the week in Mobile Tech Manor, an exciting one due to the new gadgets. The two devices cost me a pretty penny so these may be it for a while. Oh, who am I kidding?

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