The perfect mobile device doesn’t exist

imageThere are few things people get more passionate about than mobile devices. Their’s is the best, everyone should use what they use, and any mobile solution that won’t do 100 percent of their tasks is a failure.

Let me tell you, this POV is not realistic. Mobile devices are very personal in nature and this means one size doesn’t fit all. Where one person needs the smallest gadget possible, another wants a giant keyboard. Where a touch screen is mandatory for some, it’s not important at all to others.

This is why the perfect mobile device is a myth. There will never be one gadget that is the ultimate solution for everyone. What is the bomb for one may be totally unacceptable for many others.

It comes down to determining what is truly important and finding the device that provides that. Once you do, you’ll be in a very good place. That will tempt you to try and convince the world that everyone should use the same gadget as you. You may even be tempted to tell others that they are wrong for using something else. It works so well for you so it will work for them, too.

Be tolerant and let others happily go their own way. It’s best for all concerned, just as it is that you do your own thing.

I see the same thing when I write an article about how a particular device works well for me. I’m immediately flooded with queries if I will get rid of the other devices I own. There’s an overwhelming sense with many people that concludes you can only have and use a single mobile device. I’m living proof that that is not the case.

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