Tablets: Windows into my world

I have been using tablets for over a decade. I use them heavily today, in fact I currently own four of them. That’s not the most I’ve owned at once, either.

JK Tablets 600The reason tablets are important to me for both work and play is that they are windows into my world. That means for work, but also keeping informed of world events and with what’s happening with friends and family. I pick up a tablet — it doesn’t matter which one — and instantly I can do whatever I need and see whatever is important to me.

This has long been the case but especially now. The two iPads I use can tap me into the world in just a few seconds of opening the cover. The same is true of the Surface 3 and the Jide Remix Ultra. Open them, tap the password, and get immersed into my world.

Yes, you can do this on a MacBook or Windows laptop but it’s not the same. It is not as fluid to flow through my world as on a tablet. And yes, I can do this on my iPhone 6 Plus, too. But the smaller screen doesn’t convey the impression like a tablet that it is a window into the things important to me. The phone will do in a pinch but give me a tablet every time.

I don’t need four tablets but I cover them for my job so I buy too many. It gives me the opportunity to stay familiar with the iPad, Windows tablet, and the Android slate.

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