Tablet accessories FTW!

Surfac 3 accessoriesThe two gadgets I have coming should be here today. Yesterday the accessories I bought with the Surface 3 tablet showed up and the tablet should arrive today.

The Type Cover keyboard and the Surface pen came ahead of the Surface 3, which is a little frustrating since they aren’t much use until the tablet arrives. I have given them both a thorough going over and am impressed with the build quality of them both. It sets a good tone for the expected quality of the Surface.

As I wrote on ZDNet, a primary reason I pulled the trigger on the Surface 3 was that it shipped with Windows 10 installed. Microsoft moved quickly to get that done given the new OS has only officially been out a few days.

I am really excited to give both the Surface 3 and Windows 10 a good test for getting my work done.

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