Protec Zip Sling Bag: Great for Surface 3 and other devices

Bag tree
Bag tree

Like I do with gadgets, I have a thing about bags to carry them. I’m always on the lookout for the smallest bag to fit my mobile kit, that is light and easy to carry. I have so many bags that I have the famous bag tree in my apartment.

This week I found one on Amazon that will fit any of my systems I carry each day. It’s just big enough to fit the Surface 3, iPad Air 2 in the Typo Keyboard case, and even the 11-inch MacBook Air on those rare days I carry it.

The Protec Zip Sling Bag has a cross body design that I’ve recently become quite fond of. It features one strap worn to keep the body of the bag resting comfortably against the back.

It has a padded device pocket for the Surface 3 that I believe would fit the Surface Pro 3. There are several other pockets of varying sizes, all that have a zipper closure.

A pocket on the back of the Protec is perfect for an iPad, even the big one if not in a bulky case. I carry the iPad mini 3 with a Smart Cover with me when the Surface 3 is in the main pocket. There is a phone pocket on the shoulder strap but it won’t fit the iPhone 6 Plus. I find it to be the perfect place to carry my Jaybird wireless headphones.

I’m quite pleased with the Protec Zip Sling Bag and find it to be a good value for the $38 I paid for it on Amazon.

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