Goofy Surface 3 pen loop

Having the pen for the Surface 3 is handy, even if just using it for a screen pointer. The problem is there is no way to store it with the Surface where it won’t be left behind. It’s a $50 pen, so walking off and leaving it is not an option.

Pen loopRecognizing that, Microsoft includes a “pen loop” with the pen. This little contraption attaches to the bottom of the Type Cover with an adhesive strip. The loop extends out of the side of the Type Cover and the Surface Pen slides into it.

I finally broke down and attached it to see how well it works. It looks goofy to me and has a tendency to catch on the gear bag when removing the Surface. It does what it’s intended to do, although it’s a very tight fit sliding the pen in an out of the loop.

It’s better than nothing and I’m glad I have the option of using it or not. I’ll use it for a few days and see if it meets my needs.

The pen loop was in the Surface Pen box, which surprised me. I was under the impression that it was an optional accessory for $4.99. It’s available for that on the Microsoft online store so if your pen didn’t include one you can buy it, although five bucks is high for the little piece of cloth and adhesive.


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