Windows 10 reviews in, sense of sadness

Windows 10 is released and reviews are all over the web. Many are by long-time enthusiasts and power users, and the overall impression I’ve gotten of the new OS is that most reviewers are cautiously optimistic. A couple of the reviews left me with the impression that the authors were a bit sad about Windows 10.

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I’m not going to point out the reviewers, they are folks I respect and have followed for years. For the most part they all like Windows 10, as do I having played with the beta for months. In the best reviews it was pointed out that the new OS is not quite ready, and it was stated at least once that those not wanting to encounter bugs and other issues should wait a few months before installing it.

That’s normal for major OS updates, but reading several of the reviews I sensed a feeling that given the hoopla behind it, and the huge beta program, they thought it would be more polished at launch.

I was surprised to read over and over that some of the features that are liked the best are ones that bring Windows to be more like Windows 7. That’s probably because Windows 8 was hated so much.

It seems that Windows 10 steps back from the tablet bits and the focus is on desktop and laptop users. The tablet bits from Windows 8.1 are still there but hidden more than before. Most reviews I read like that Windows 10 is getting back to be more like the Windows of old, with a focus on keyboard and mouse.

After thinking about all I’ve read about Windows 10, it’s clear what a difficult job Microsoft has going forward. In a way it’s a victim of past success as enthusiasts largely want to keep things much the same. The problem is that Microsoft knows that the future is mobile, and old Windows must evolve to embrace that. Even if it makes its loyal customers sad.

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