Welcome to the new jkOnTheRun!

jk-logoIt’s back! I’m James Kendrick and I’m thrilled to launch jkOnTheRun, the tech site I started over a decade ago. Regular readers of the original jkOTR will be pleased to see the personal, informative, and at times irreverent coverage of mobile tech on the new version. I will be offering my personal take on mobile products and the tech that drives them.
I’ll still be doing the ZDNet thing, I’m rather fond of eating regularly. Writing on jkOnTheRun will be for fun and give me an outlet for things I wouldn’t do on ZDNet.

 A brief history

I started jkOnTheRun as my personal blog about mobile technology in 2004. I did it just for fun on the side because I am passionate about mobile tech and the gadgets it produces. The blog grew rapidly and quickly got wide recognition. CNET even named it one of the best tech blogs.In 2008 jkOnTheRun was bought by GigaOM and I was hired to keep writing it. It was soon absorbed into the GigaOM site and sadly jkOnTheRun was no more. Recently GigaOM went out of business and was purchased by the Knowingly Corp. Those awesome folks allowed me to reclaim the jkOnTheRun IP and domain, and here it is.

What you’ll find on the new jkOnTheRun

Here’s what you’ll find on the new site — mobile technology, including gadgets, news, reviews, and anything else I feel like writing. I won’t just cover this stuff, I’ll share what I use, why I do, and what makes it work for me. It will be written from a personal angle. If I try a product and it sucks, I’ll tell you that and explain why.I am platform agnostic and will continue to be so. That means you’ll find info about all major brands and platforms.I intend to keep the site very minimalist with a focus on the content. No flashing lights, no morphing images, just plain good writing that will keep your gadget lust at bay.So welcome back to jkOnTheRun. We’re going to have a lot of fun.

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