Top spots in downtown Houston for working remotely

I head out early every morning and work in coffee shops, sidewalk cafes, and other venues. I have settled on a few top spots that have good food and/or coffee, comfortable accommodations for working, and in most cases good Wi-Fi. I get asked regularly where I work so here are the best spots in downtown Houston to work for an hour or two.

Note that most places get insanely busy at lunch time and for that reason they are less than thrilled to see you take up space during the 11 am – 1 pm time slot. I’ve noted those places that are OK to spend time during the busy hours. I’ve also noted those establishments that are open weekends and after 3 pm weekdays.

The Honeymoon
300 Main St.image

The Honeymoon is a coffee shop/restaurant/bar that has some of the best coffee in Houston. All photos of coffee art you see me post on social media are taken here. They roast their own beans and have a full selection of coffee drinks. They also have a chef who prepares wonderful simple gourmet food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is my favorite place to work a few hours each day. While open weekends and late nights, they become more bar and restaurant late in the day making them not so good for remote workers. The Honeymoon is open seven days a week.

909 Texas Stimage

This coffee shop is always hopping and has decent coffee. The spots available for working are limited and sometimes it’s hard to work here as a result. Minuti has typical coffee shop food for grabbing a quick bite while working away. They are open from 6 am to 10 pm weekdays and until midnight Friday and Saturday.

Food court under the Chase Tower
600 Travisimage

This food court is a very comfortable spot to work a few hours during a weekday. Walk in the Chase Tower, take the escalator down and the Starbucks and food court is right there. There are several restaurants around the court and a Starbucks. Having the Starbucks in the food court means really fast Google Wi-Fi. Since the court is in the tunnel, this is only open until the end of the week day.

Corner Bakery
1000 Main St.image

This chain restaurant has good simple food, great patries, and decent coffee. The Corner Bakery has a comfortable dining area and a large sidewalk patio, either of which is good for working a while. Note that this place gets insanely busy during lunch. This place is only open during the week until mid-afternoon.

Cafe Express
650 Main St.image

The Cafe Express is a chain restaurant that is open for breakfast and lunch and has a large dining room and coffee bar area that is good for working. Like most of the places on this list, avoid lunch time if you plan to spread out for a while to work. Weekdays only until mid-afternoon.

Shops at Houston Center
1200 McKinney

This is a small mall with a big food court that is very comfortable for working. Enter the building and take the escalator up to the second level, then walk until you see the food court. There are lots of restaurants to choose from, making this a good place to have lunch and work after. The shops include a Starbucks for your coffee fix, and a cookie factory. Open Monday – Saturday, but most eateries closed on Saturday.

These are by no means the only options for mobile folk who like to work in public places occasionally. They are close to me and for the reasons noted favorite places of mine to get a few hours of work in. The light rail is in the midst of these shops, making it easy to go further out for getting work done in lots of other venues.

If you work downtown or are visiting Houston at some point, these places will do you right for refreshment and good working environments.

One thought on “Top spots in downtown Houston for working remotely

  • July 30, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    welcome back, man. good to see you writing again.

    not a Houston native, but visit often. the Starbucks at Smith and Gray is a pretty decent working space and has better parking than those you list above.


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